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Friday, November 30, 2007


This is the link to the City Room Blog of the NY TIMES, Jenny Lee covered this story while she was covering the closing of much loved May May bakery owned by John Hung.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Welcome to Lonnie's Coffee Shoppe Blog

Welcome to Lonnie's Coffee Shoppe blog !
Lonnies coffee shoppe was opened in the mid 1950's at 21 Mott St. in the heart of historic Chinatown.
Lonnie's was the only place of its kind in the midst of a hundred Chinese restaurants. Why you ask? because it was a burger joint, a hangout, a soda fountain, a meeting place, and not an egg roll nor a grain of rice in sight!
Lonnie's served hamburgers, lime rickeys, cherry cokes, and of course egg creams. Lonnie was my aunt, and she opened her coffee shoppe cum diner with her brother Shung, my father.
In the almost 30 years that Lonnie's was around many family members stood behind the counter flipping burgers and stirring egg creams.

I made this blog because I hope that out of the many dozens of Lee family members who remember Aunt Lonnie and her namesake coffee shoppe, an indisputable institution in Chinatown, and the many Italian, Jewish, Irish and American Born Chinese patrons who frequented it would add their comments here, and post photos of Lonnie's.